The St Neots Poisoning Case

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Don't write any more letters, for I don't want Bessie to know. He suspects poison and she dies soon afterwards. A policeman searches the house and finds a crumpled piece if paper, it is sent for analysis.

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Horsford is sent a telegram telling him to attend an inquest Saturday 8th January Inquest is held. At this time no poison has been found at the scene. At the inquest, Horsford denies having a relationship with Annie Holmes or sending her anything. A post-mortem is carried out and Annie Holmes buried.

A note is found from Horsford. He became obsessively jealous and suspected his wife of betraying him with her nephew Lionel. He was executed outside the county at Bedford Gaol. By betraying agents working for Britain, they were responsible for many deaths.

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Recruited in Cambridge in the s, these spies remained undetected for many years. Kim Philby also worked for MI6 and as a journalist in Washington. Burgess and MacLean escaped to Moscow in , just prior to being exposed. Philby followed in In , Soham in Cambridgeshire became the focus of media attention during the investigation of one of the most notorious crimes in recent years. The cold blooded murder of schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman by the school caretaker Ian Huntley, which his partner their former school assistant Maxine Carr helped him to cover up, shocked the whole nation.

One of the more bizarre cases was that of the Yaxley body-snatchers. Until , doctors, medical schools and hospitals were only allowed to carry out medical research on the bodies of recently executed criminals.

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As there were not enough of these to meet demand, some anatomists paid body-snatchers to raid new graves. The body of a recently buried woman from Yaxley was found hidden in a brew house. This led to the discovery that bodies had been removed from several churchyards in the area.

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Two men from Farcet, William Patrick and his accomplice William Whayley, were eventually charged with stealing a body. Both men admitted the offence and said that the bodies they had removed were passed to a Mr Grimmer, who took them to London. Whayley provided evidence against Patrick and was released without charge. Posts on his Facebook page show pictures of him together with his wife and his three children. In he wrote a message on mother's day thanking 'my lovely wife sam who is a great mum and great wife'.

Mr Davies' mum Gill, who lives in nearby Brampton, shared a Wing's of Hope Living Forward photo on social last night, talking about grieving for a lost child. Today friends and family had left messages of condolence on her Facebook page, with one writing: 'Love to you and your whole family. Friend Gary Britton wrote on his Facebook site: 'Totally shocked!! A friend, who did not want to be named, said Mr Davies had been off work before the incident. Speaking at the scene, she said: 'Can't believe it, I've lost another friend.

He got shot last night Richard Davies. Police shot him. It's sad isn't it, it's absolutely heartbreaking. It was him, he's been off work. Ring of steel: Police cordoned off the street as they investigate what happened, with at least ten officers guarding the area yesterday. Crime scene: Dawn breaks on the cordoned off St Neots street where the father of three was shot after police were called to a domestic inciden. A spokesman for Bosch Rexroth said today: 'Bosch Rexroth is saddened by this news.

As this is an ongoing investigation, Bosch Rexroth will make no further comment at this time. Last night around 20 officers were seen swarming the area before the shooting and the man died at the scene. A nearby neighbour watched the drama unfold from his upstairs back window after his dogs alerted him to the commotion.

Gordon Woodend, 62, said: 'There was a lot of commotion going on and there were lights flashing. I got the dogs in and went upstairs and looked out my back window and then I saw police going in with machine guns into the house. I think there were about six of them. Rigorous: The forensics team get down on their hands and knees to survey the scene for vital pieces of evidence. Findings: The experts - dressed in white body suits - remained on the scene 24 hours after the fatal shooting. The retired fabricator welder added: 'It took police about five minutes to break the door down I think.

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The paramedics were in there for ages'. A resident who did not want to be named said: 'We had never seen any trouble at that house before - it's not like some where the police are out all the time. We heard shouting for a few minutes then it seemed to die down. One woman, who knew the family who lived at the terraced house, said that a man and woman with three teenage children lived there.

She added: 'Our kids used to play with their's, they were a nice family. They just seemed like a nice, normal family so I can't think what happened. It's terrible. Mary Bath, 65, said her husband rushed outside after hearing the commotion but police told him to go back inside for his own safety. She added: 'I knew the couple from seeing them around and they seemed nice.

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Suddenly there were police everywhere and we realised it was serious. A mother-of-three who lived close to the scene of the shooting claimed she heard two shots being fired. Neighbour, Anne Barrett, 69, added: 'I heard a noise. I didn't know what it was. I had the TV turned up and I heard this noise. It was like the sound of a firework. It's quite scary. It's frightening isn't it this gun culture. Jo Bull, who lives on a neighbouring street said: 'You don't expect this at the bottom of your road.

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Cambridgeshire Police has referred itself to the Independent Police Complaints Commission after the shooting and the officers involved are getting support.

The St Neots Poisoning Case The St Neots Poisoning Case
The St Neots Poisoning Case The St Neots Poisoning Case
The St Neots Poisoning Case The St Neots Poisoning Case
The St Neots Poisoning Case The St Neots Poisoning Case
The St Neots Poisoning Case The St Neots Poisoning Case

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