The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story)

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That is until a blowjob on the fly and a dinner party for three is arranged. Why not have both? I think that this was a mistake, especially when dealing with a triangle. I found the narrative to be stilted and almost mind-numbingly boring, much like their marriage.

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This is the opening line of the book and is a fairly accurate example of the tone for the rest of the story. There is nothing wrong with the grammar, and I was rather impressed with the technical accuracy of this leaflet.

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I was surprised by how dull the story was, especially considering the subject matter, the cover and the rather lengthy, highly descriptive title. Rogers wants more than a hand job. He pushes down and I do my best to take more of his shaft, but feel myself choking on it and begin to gag. The writing feels extremely edited and dialed down, consider the scene that the words are depicting. No-one thinks coherently during hot, unexpected, dirty sex. This feels like a Stepford wife giving a blowjob, instead of a man giving his first ever bj in a public setting, to a very powerful man.

Lydia, the wife, was entirely superfluous to the story. Also, the cover is deceptive as this story does not revolve around her. Lydia would have made more of an impression on the men in this story if she brought them snacks between bouts of dull sex. It was quite the transition but entirely out of place and unrealistic. I would recommend reading Brick by Brick linked below for a more in depth look into the complexities of a MMF relationship, with far better bang for your buck. Brick by Brick. Heart of Falcon Ridge. Double Alien.

You can forgive an author for a lot if there are snacks. But there were no snacks, so no forgiveness. Like Liked by 1 person. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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You are commenting using your Google account. This month is shaping up to be much worse. Section Thirteen is understaffed and overworked, trying to solve every supernatural crime in New York, including a series of grisly child murders and evidence that local fey are being enslaved. When Vallimun is gravely injured just as the investigation reaches a fever pitch while a snowstorm blankets the city, Cole will need all the help he can get to have any hope of salvaging this month at all.

On his way home from the market, beautiful and shy Alen is accosted by local ruffians who try to take advantage of his innocence.

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When Alen attempts to defend his virtue, the situation takes a turn for the worse and he accidentally slays one of the men. The penalty for murder: a slow, painful death upon the altar of the mighty god of fire. But Alen has a secret, one to which he desperately clings even though it may cost him his life.

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But will the flames herald his destruction even as all of his prayers are answered? Regardless of its strength, sometimes fate intervenes, tragedy strikes, or forces conspire against it. These stories of romance do not offer a traditional happy ending, but the strong and enduring love will still touch your heart and maybe move you to tears. Jeff Cordata has always known wolves can be dangerous.

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Not that his luck with snakes has been any better. On the surface, Jesse Ross is an average guy in an average relationship with his college sweetheart, Adele. His compartmentalized life suits Jesse just fine, and he has no intention of coming out of the closet either as a bisexual or as a submissive. However, Jesse takes a tumble when his Master, Will, admits to wanting more, wanting Jesse as his partner, not just his submissive. In the end, Jesse has to lay it all on the line—for his girlfriend, for his lover, and for himself.

Veterinarian Seth Davies comes to Senaka, Wyoming, looking for peace and anonymity, trying to escape his past. Kasey Whitedove takes one look at Seth and assumes the worst.

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Chasing Seth down and keeping him safe from his past has just become Kasey's most important job. Hagar is the captain of the cargo ship Midgard Serpent.

Most of his shipments are legal, but he has a reputation for being an honest smuggler—a reputation that lands him some troublesome cargo. Shibito, an exiled member of the Nipponese imperial family, meets Hagar on Dunmore Station. Keeping his true identity secret, Shibito tells Hagar he'll do anything to get out of there.

Never one to turn down an offer like that, Hagar accepts. But Shibito doesn't have just any destination in mind, and Hagar is furious when he discovers that his mysterious passenger has altered their course without telling him. Tamir is then stripped of his powers and imprisoned for his crime. Tamir, freed at last from his prison cell, poses as a pleasure slave and offers to serve the prince.

Although Neriah does not recognize Tamir, he falls in love with the powerless Jinn. There may be no hope of mending their broken relationship, but Tamir is determined to see Neriah on his rightful throne—even if it costs the Jinn his life. James, it necessitates a move to England. Uprooting his family and moving his staff, David and his husband, ex-Secret Service Agent Shane Thompson-Windsor, settle into Winfield House with their adopted son, Jack, and two feisty Scottie puppies. Life is finally settling into a routine when Jack is abducted by Libyan nationals.

No longer able to call directly upon US military forces, David turns to his successor as President, Victoria Wilson, to enlist her aid and gain her approval of a daring rescue attempt, and asks his cousin King William for help luring the kidnapper to British soil for retribution. Jimmy finds the demands too great to withstand and ends it all prematurely, leaving behind an angry best friend and a shattered lover.

Will Matt and Darian discover what truly happened to their friend?

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And will this tragedy birth something beautiful between them as they learn the balance between life, family, and friendship when love is simply not enough? Bobby Joe only recently discovered the Internet. In an act of heroism and self-sacrifice, Anderson Rawn's sister saved him from the destruction of their tiny mining colony, but her actions condemned the thirteen-year-old to ten years of crushing loneliness on the hyperspace journey to a new home.

Using electronics and desperation, Anderson creates a family to keep him company, but family isn't always a blessing. When Anderson finally arrives, C. Poulson greets him with curiosity and awe, because anyone who can survive a holocaust and reinvent holo-science is going to be a legend and right up C. But the more C. In spite of his best intentions, C.

The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story) The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story)
The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story) The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story)
The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story) The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story)
The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story) The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story)
The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story) The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story)
The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story) The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story)
The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story) The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story)
The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story) The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story)
The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story) The New Boss (An Erotic Gay Romance Story)

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