The East-West dichotomy

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Challenging the East-West Dichotomy

William Dalrymple.

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About The East-West Dichotomy

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    Thorsten Pattberg - The East-West dichotomy - Yin Yang Trailer 2010 [HD]

    Not you? Forgotten password? Forgotten password Use the form below to recover your username and password. New details will be emailed to you. No single person really stands up for anything, nor can anyone afford to rest on the spot; he or she might just miss the ropes for the next maneuver. So, that sissy accusation of the East-West dichotomy being stereotyping is not worth two a penny this century.

    Some voices offered this good advice, however, that I shall take to heart. This specious validity of the self-fulfilling prophecy perpetu-ates a reign of error. For the prophet will cite the actual course of events as proof that he was right from the very beginning. Robert K. Merton, Both cultural hemispheres, East and West, are divided into many more distinguishable societies. And those socie-ties are subdivided into distinguishable regions.

    For that reason, it seems unnecessary to discuss each and every society or region and their peculiarities. It is their cul-tural, economical, and political affiliation, shared history and values, and general relationship that give them the shape of a distinguishable culture besides other equally distinguishable cultures , without discussing the charms of each independent and isolated character trait of its mem-ber communities.

    As for the relationships between large states and small states within the cultural hemispheres, they may perceive themselves as interdependent, especially the smaller states, as learned from experience, will vehemently insist on that, but all the same, together, those large trees and small trees are inter-dependent and form the single forest.

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    Returning to the world of politics, one could say, there is no such thing as absolute independence and liberty, not for any state, not for any group of people. The French moralist Joseph Joubert , who lived through the French Revolution, called any noble cry for liberty a true farce:. Let your cry be for free souls rather even than for free men. The one implies order and ar-rangement; the other implies only self-sufficiency with isolation. The one means harmony, the other a single tone, the one is the whole; the other is but the part.

    Jospeh Joubert, One could ask, what if one part of the whole fails to participate or commit or contribute to its social environ-ment?

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    I would argue that in that case, if a small, solitary state tries to single-mindedly change the pattern of the whole empire, it can only do so within the limits set by all other neighboring states. Just like any community within the global community of nations, each of its smaller mem-bers will be ruthlessly assessed, persistently judged for its performance and punished if it misbehaves or non-performs:. If the small states know their place, they will benefit from the greatness of their masters.

    Mencius, 7A,3. Some great negotiators, like former United Nations Secretary Kofi Annan, or now his successor, South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ko-moon, would not approve of divid-ing the world into two cultural hemispheres, or at least they would stir away from such a statement for the reasons of stereotyping as explained above.

    The fear for new totalities in itself is not so new. But to not talking about Eastern and Western values, about mu-tual respect, about balance, harmony, and the difficulties that we face if the West is continuing down its aggressive path, I would argue that even without mentioning the con-cept of East-West dichotomy, there is still going to be the dangers of separatism and isolation, nationalism and all what is bad for good governance and true scholarship.

    Since everyone in world politics seemed so concerned about the price we have to pay for the different civilization modes of humankind, we should find the peaceful quarter to discuss the value of it all. The United Nations, having been informed countless times by the universal historians and universal philosophers, ford makers, great thinkers and Nobel laureates in East and West, that there is cultural diversity that not only needs to be addressed but needs to be understood, appreciated and tolerated.

    Asian nations are now a majority in numbers, opinions and in theory. As said elsewhere in this book, Asia is now a greater phenomenon than the US or Europe. The alternative, it is suggested, would be the inevitable chaos of treating all nation-states as separate entities that form alliances at any time with whoever is able or willing, thus arbitrarily leading the world into unipolarity one center of power , bipolarity two cen-ters of power , or multipolarity three or more centers of power , with no such thing as a permanent East-West di-vide.

    Such a theory looks like a deliberately broken window of glass to me. Valuable time and energy would be wasted on the analysis of shards and smithers. It does not assume a greater role of man other than being a statistic. It demonstrates once more that particular Western idea-lessness and confusions I was talking about earlier: the limits of Western cultural mode and deductive-based science which in essence was almost begging for the re-emergence of the spiritual East, its former glories, wisdoms and its power to heal the global imbalance.

    If your numbers add up, you are at the top of the league table. This is a conclusion the de-ductive ways dictates; let us recall: in deductive reasoning we reach a conclusion from previously know facts, a con-clusion that is sound and valid. That is the tragedy of our cause, and the cause for our decline. The East-West dichotomy predicts that if the world were to be reshuffled and start from anew, under any cir-cumstances it would happen all over again: the division of humankind into two cultural hemispheres: one more ra-tional, analytical, and deductive, the other more intuitive, spiritual, and inductive.

    It is an evolutionary program than runs through all of us, it is not arbitrary, in the same way cerebral determinism, cognitive dualism and shared labor are not arbitrary.

    The East-West Dichotomy - Thorsten Pattberg - Google книги

    According to the East-West dichotomy, there is only equilibrium. This equilibrium may never be perfectly bal-anced and, at times, may pound more to one side than other, yet the world according to this can never be unipolar or multipolar. If asked about a single, unified humanity, no reason-able person would openly disagree with this possibility.

    The East-West dichotomy The East-West dichotomy
    The East-West dichotomy The East-West dichotomy
    The East-West dichotomy The East-West dichotomy
    The East-West dichotomy The East-West dichotomy
    The East-West dichotomy The East-West dichotomy
    The East-West dichotomy The East-West dichotomy
    The East-West dichotomy The East-West dichotomy
    The East-West dichotomy The East-West dichotomy

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