Lux 1.2 Call to Arms (Lux Series)

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What allows them to not just stand toe-to-toe with humanity's forces, but to actually dominate them, however, are the Laser-class and Heavy Laser-class BETA. Their lasers can instantly destroy both air and ground enemy units from beyond visual ranges, and due to the fact that a typical low-threat BETA encounter would usually number several dozen Grappler- , Tank- , and Destroyer-class means that without air support, human armies would typically find themselves outmatched and outnumbered in a ground war. The laser classes also prioritize targets based the computer systems they have thus making missiles and drones higher priority targets than artillery shells and more advanced they were higher the priority.

However this later changed to give higher priority to manned systems thus making TSFs which have powerful computers as well as having a human pilot a higher priority for the Laser class BETA.

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This chart, which showcases force composition in a large-scale BETA attack force, is based on information from the special episode of Total Eclipse. Some basic tactics used by the BETA include tunneling from underground, often surprising defending forces from the rear, or from another front, creating opportunities for overconfident pilots to get trapped in a pincer maneuver.

Often the main issue with combating BETA in any prolonged engagement is the threat of running out of ammunition, and the massive numerical odds; close-quarters combat is viable, but that would be playing into the area of strength for the BETA, and is not encouraged unless as a last-ditch measure. BETA force size organization, as is expected of their force composition, is several times higher than their human counterparts. To add to that, most major engagements take place with multiple corps-sized formations deployed by the BETA, as is their nature to rely on overwhelming numbers.

However, it is hard to actually hit them due to their agility, and once close their single trunk-like arm has enough strength to easily pull a human's head off. First spotted in , the Soldier-class has little to no capability against mechanized units, and is solely anti-personnel; it has the highest personnel detection capability amongst all BETA, arm and jaw strength several times that of an average human's, and is able to maintain relative silence during movement, [4] making it harder for anyone on foot to detect their approach unless from the front.

Their size and low defensive capabilities means they can be dispatched by guns, knives, swords, or other weaponry effective against regular humans. Despite their size and strength, an adrenaline infused punch from an average built 16 year old boy is enough to make their frontal face turn ninety degrees. Since , scientific experts have pointed out their external appearances and their date of appearance as evidence of being based off humans; [4] it was later confirmed that they are made from recycled organic materials i. Furthermore, it is unknown whether the vaginal-like opening in the lower body of the Soldier class is actually used for reproductive purposes.

Countless numbers of battle tank operators and TSF pilots have been lost to this strain. They carry a distinctive smell of sulfur, and can quickly cover a short distance by jumping onto a target. Despite their vulnerability to infantry-portable heavy weapons, their numbers make any attempt at infantry-based counters a far too risky. At 3 meters tall, 1.

With the capability to track targets from 38 kilometers away, 12 seconds in-between each shot, [7] and a perfect record of never hitting allied BETA strains in a crossfire, the Laser-class played an instrumental role in shutting down mankind's air superiority on the field of battle, and continues to be a deadly anti-air force to this day.

Due to the G-Elements required in their production, Laser-class are not normally produced by smaller Hives. Although best known for their adaption to be used against human aerial units, they are primarily used to break down rock and materials. Towering over the Laser-class at excluding the cooling fins 21 meters tall, 15 meters long and 11 meters wide, [8] the Heavy Laser-class is a larger strain with firepower to match.

Their large size affords them some protection against 36mm cannon fire, necessitating the use of mm cannons; even then, a quick kill is only possible with a direct attack on its laser-emitting "eye" when it is not closed; its only physical weakness. Likewise with the Laser-class, the Heavy Laser-class shares the distinctions of never hitting allies in the crossfire, and requiring some time for its laser to reach maximum output.

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However, their firepower is of several orders of magnitude higher than that of the Laser-class, and cases have been documented in Operation Ouka where HSSTs were shot down by Heavy-Laser class BETA from more than 26 kilometers away, during atmospheric re-entry, though it is unclear if that feat was accomplished by these strains or the newer Laser strains from Total Eclipse. The Grappler-class measures 12 meters tall, 19 meters long and 28 meters wide, [9] is armed with two extremely tough forearms, with hardness 15 on the Mohs scale [10] , which they use to batter enemies to death, and can also act as shields against poorly-aimed weapons fire from the front.

While not particularly fast, the Grappler-class is considerably mobile and nimble in combat, and is capable of turning to face a different direction quickly, with anything within a diameter of 39 meters of its position falling within attack range from its claws.

LUX: THE SERIES – The best-selling series by Jalex Hansen

At 16 meters tall, 18 meters long and 17 meters wide, [11] the Destroyer-class is the second main strain used by the BETA against humanity's mechanized forces. They have extremely tough frontal armor in the form of a partial body carapace, [11] with hardness 15 on the Mohs scale in front.

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Underneath that covering are two small heads. Due to that front carapace, their survivability against frontal attacks are extremely high. Their anti-personnel detection ability is the lowest of all BETA strains, making it possible to effectively deploy man-portable heavy ordinance against them. A new mutant type of BETA, with several hammer-like hands which can hit and strike heavily and freely.

It moves by jumping around at high speed, effectively making it a Grappler-class that can jump; at short distances, this increased mobility can prove fatal to a TSF unit. The Hammerhead-class first appeared in an official doujin which Kouki contributed mecha designs for, and is now officially used in Stike Frontier. Mucus will slow down targets' speed,and acid will break targets' armours. Huge and slow but still hard and fatal. First appeared in an official doujin which Kouki contributed mecha designs for, and is now officially used in Stike Frontier.

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Towering above most things on the battlefield, the Fort-class, at 66 meters tall, 52 meters long and 37 meters wide, [12] is the largest of the seven main strains; [12] because of their large size, a TSF would require mm cannons or close-combat weapons to cut these behemoths down to size, with great care given to specifically target the sections in-between the three main segments of its body for maximum stopping power.

It can attack with its ten legs, and those hits are extremely powerful; easily stabbing or bashing through a TSF with one hit. Each Fort-class also has a meter long tentacle attached to its rear end, with a Mohs 15 stinger on the end which secretes an extremely strong acid; [12] the stinger, which has been known to destroy naval warships in shallow-water combat, can be, if given the opportunity, launched as a projectile for a short distance or even swung around with a fairly high degree of control - a Fort-class is capable of accurately attacking targets to the side or even behind itself without hitting its own legs or body segments.

They can also carry several smaller BETA of varying strains inside them; pilots should pay extra attention when around the corpse of a Fort-class especially during the messy aftermaths of a large battle , as its occupants might be alive and well, waiting for a chance to strike. Common name: Megaworm [13]. In that encounter, the Carrier-Class measured at meters tall, meters long and meters wide, [13] and carrying an extremely large number of other BETA strains inside of it, including Grappler, Destroyer, and even Fort-class BETA, which it disgorged from its interior by opening its frontal mouth.

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During combat at Seattle, its size and outer body covering allowed it to resist battleship fire, making it one of the toughest variants of the BETA yet. The Superordinate is also part of the Original Hive's Reactor; it is immobile, and resides in the main core chamber, surrounded by four halls.

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  4. This is What I See (Reflections Book 1).
  6. Making Trouble: Essays Against the New Australian Complacency.
  7. As the overarching commander of all BETA forces on Earth, it does so by communicating with each Hive Reactor present on Earth, using them as a proxy to relay orders to the common BETA, although the exact method of communication is not known. Despite seemingly being intelligent and the leader of the enemy of mankind, the Superordinate claims it does not consider itself "better" than its subordinates nor mankind; it is simply a supervisor of the lesser BETA, not a sentient or superior being, and exists only to carry out its given role.

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    Lux 1.2 Call to Arms (Lux Series) Lux 1.2 Call to Arms (Lux Series)
    Lux 1.2 Call to Arms (Lux Series) Lux 1.2 Call to Arms (Lux Series)
    Lux 1.2 Call to Arms (Lux Series) Lux 1.2 Call to Arms (Lux Series)
    Lux 1.2 Call to Arms (Lux Series) Lux 1.2 Call to Arms (Lux Series)
    Lux 1.2 Call to Arms (Lux Series) Lux 1.2 Call to Arms (Lux Series)
    Lux 1.2 Call to Arms (Lux Series) Lux 1.2 Call to Arms (Lux Series)

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