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Then i ran into a room in the upstairs im assuming an attic. There was a window with a screen i opened it and saw outside. It was raining and i was in a house on a regular street other houses lead down the road on both sides. I looked down but was to high up to climb down. I heard people coming as i was looking for a weapon.

I hid begind the door and 3 women walked in. I motioned to them to keep quiet with my finger in front of my mouth. They nodded and agreed. Then the queen walked in. I was hiding under the table in the room. She sat in a chair and started talking to the women and laughing evily. I ran towards her hit her with a chair leg i found and grabbed her.

I pulled her over to the open window. I yelled wheres my girlfriend. She said i dont know. I punched her in the face and asked again. Where is she…she said ill never tell. I said im going to throw you out of the window if you dont tell me. She stayed quiet thinking i was bluffing. So i threw her out abd watched as she landed on the ground feet first screaming in pain then fell down.

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She was still moving a little so i grabbed a really heavy chest from the corner. Brought it to the window and dropped it on her. Then i left the room. So i told them your queen is requesting a drink im going to get her one. That quieted them down. I walked down the hall and decided to go through these double doors to the right because i heard more voices up ahead.

I walked into a club like bar. I walked up to a man and said ny girlfriend gas been kidnapped im looking for her.

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Then a guy came running in yelling for help being chased by one of the houses bodyguards. I had a quick idea that id pretend to be on his side to get information. So i punched the running guy knocking him out. The bodyguards a man abd woman said thanks and offered to buy me a drink. But i reached down and took the guys wallet i just knocked out to pay for it after knocking him out again. And breaking his hand for reaching for me.

Now so far i had escaped killed the queen of this place and was now undercover to find my girlfriend. I was making moves to find the love of my life. Then i woke up. Looked to my right and saw my beautiful woman lying next to me. I had a dream that me, my friends and sean bean were pretending to be heroes as a prank. I was inspired to fight to take control of my life by my heroes. Chrono met friends, all with their own personalities and interests and motivations, and united them for a cause greater than them all, and fought along side them no matter what they went through.

He sacrificed himself for the good of others he cared about, no questions asked! Or words of any kind spoken, for that matter Only by mastering time itself do you stand a chance against Lavos. The odds will be against you, but you are true heroes. Open now the last door, and take what you find there. My last invention My Wings of Time In our world, every storm has an end. Every night brings a new day. We must never give up hope!

Zero was an incredibly skilled warrior who fought for justice, and destroyed those who would cause chaos and bring imbalance to the peace and happiness everyone else strived to attain. He was just good, and he knew it, and everyone knew it, and that was it. He fought for freedom and justice and equality and balance in MMZ, as well. We still have to fight Not only against Mavericks, but against our own destiny as well. I have always only fought for the people I believe in. If an enemy appears in front of me, I will destroy it!

Simon was a scared little kid who was taught by his bro Kamina to believe in himself, and in his friends, and in his hopes and dreams. He was taught to always reach higher and higher, to never give in to hopelessness, to kick logic to the curb and do the impossible. He was taught to fight through things that would topple the strongest of individuals. Time and time again, sheer fighting spirit got them though the thick of it. But he was not taught all of this by one person.

He was taught this through his own trials, through his own struggles.

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He was taught through the experiences he went through with all of his friends, against the forces that would hold him back. Little by little, we advance a bit further with each turn! Mark my words This drill And that hole will be a path for those behind us. The dreams of those who have fallen Those two sets of dreams weave together into a mighty double helix, drilling a path towards tomorrow! Ryuko fought for answers. She fought to the end to set things right. She sought answers and vengeance.

She overcame her trials with determination and willpower, with focus and strength. There were times when she lost sight of her aim, when she became possessed by rage, bloodlust, and vengeance. It was then that she was able to conquer her challenges.

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Through pain and loss and the death and the destruction of his home and his family and the entire world he grew up knowing, Eren fought for freedom from oppression, oppression from a force he could barely understand. His whole life he just wanted to escape the torment of being trapped like livestock, to find out what was out there in the world, to be free to live without the fear of death, or worse: spending an eternity cowering in a meaningless existence behind ominous walls.

So instead of sitting by like the vast majority of the people he saw, Eren took matters into his own hands, and joined the military to exact vengeance and pursue his ultimate goal of liberating himself and all humanity. His pure passion and hope for the freedom that exists outside the walls drove him to keep getting up, no matter how many times he was knocked down or even gravely wounded.

I sure do. So does my pal Naruto. He was hated and looked down upon, shunned, and despised.

Naruto had to fight to prove himself. Through everything he endured, he inspired others, and brought about unity. Naruto is nothing but a bundle of joy, love, and acceptance of others. He opened up to let anyone in who would dare to love back. He fought for his friends and for the things he believed in. He fought for his dream to rise to the top, improve himself, and become the person he always wanted to be.

Now that the series has come to a close, without a doubt I feel a kinship with Naruto that runs deeper than with most of my own family. They saved me from myself, they rescued me from my loneliness, they were the first to accept me as who I am. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be!

Goku fights for his family, for his friends, for freedom, justice, and peace. Goku does nothing but work hard and improve, and fight no matter how bleak things look. He looked down at his shield that he always kept with him, and thought how cool it would be to finally use it with a sword of his own. Just then his good friend Patty walked over to him. She looked a little sad, as she told him that she was going to leave the island soon in search for the Shooting Star Legend.

In that moment, they both looked at the shoreline and noticed that the water was acting very violent. But they brushed it off. As Link finished the drawing, he signed his name on the bottom of the sword. Little did they know, the Dark Army had just docked south of the city of Fulton.

We will capture Fulton and await you there! Second this game is huge. Expect hours on this game.

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Third, the game does get a little hard. If you have any questions ask in the forum and I will help you out. Also make sure to read the story because they give you a lot of hints for things you need to do. Also here is a link to my Director's Commentary on my game. Please play it in 2. Posted 02 February - PM. Bill Nye the Russian Spy. Posted 10 December - PM. Alright, now that I'm finally done with this Overall, I enjoyed this quest a fair bit, but I don't think it lived up to the hype.

True, some of its flaws are products of an older engine, but I've played a few other 2. I'll start with something the engine had nothing to do with: the dungeon design.

Dreams and the Hero’s Journey Myth

As others before me have noted, Levels 1 and 4 were far too large and sprawling - I had to redo all of Level 4 after dying to the boss, and I ended up putting the quest down for months because it felt too monotonous even when I knew which way to go. Level 2 was also a bit on the big side, but it was more enjoyable than those two on account of the size being more justified and put to better use.

Level 7 had the opposite problem: ironically, despite having the most intricate quirk, it felt the most linear. Throughout that dungeon, there was always only one way you could go to progress, and you only needed each new item in one place. This was another one I had to do twice, but I breezed through it the second time, and it wasn't as bad. Level 9 was also linear, but, given its nature, it fit much better than Level 7 in my opinion; similarly, Level 8, while large and branching not to mention brutal at times , was much more fun than Levels 1 and 4 because it was more difficult to get lost in.

On a more general note, none of the dungeon maps subscreen or top bar seemed accurate in terms of door locations, even accounting for secrets; I don't know whether that was intentional, but I wasn't a fan of it. Final nitpick: those parts in various dungeons with the switches you need to step on before they sink? I've seen that kind of puzzle in a number of other older quests, but every one of them would be better without it, and this is no exception.

Next up: the overworld. Probably one of the best I've seen, and definitely the best aspect of the quest. The unused squares bother me a bit, but I understand why they're there. The sidequests were welcome inclusions. Those two stuck out like sore thumbs to me in Level 1 and the end credits, respectively.

Baymax Dreams - 3 short films based on Big Hero 6 | Made with Unity

I don't recall any other issues of this sort, though, and the rest of the music selection was alright. I don't recognize the Hyrule Field tune, but it sounds like a pop song - if it is, it's a good example of the non-VG approach done right. The writing had so much more potential than what was used here. The plot, which I won't spoil, was great, but the dialogue was downright cringeworthy , especially most of what came out of Link's mouth.

I'd have given the quest a perfect score so to speak in this department were it not for the countless poor attempts at humor. Geico jokes and forced Hollywood references do not belong in Zelda games, fanmade or otherwise. The gameplay and combat Most of the custom bosses were cool, especially given the technical limitations, and the difficulty curve was much better than what I'm used to in ZC.

That said, this is where the quest really shows its age. First, grid-locked movement as opposed to 8-directional and the Flippers do not mix.

Dreams of a Hero Dreams of a Hero
Dreams of a Hero Dreams of a Hero
Dreams of a Hero Dreams of a Hero
Dreams of a Hero Dreams of a Hero
Dreams of a Hero Dreams of a Hero
Dreams of a Hero Dreams of a Hero
Dreams of a Hero Dreams of a Hero
Dreams of a Hero Dreams of a Hero

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