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Investigating Google Adwords Click Fraud Segah Meer Medium

This strategy may seem counterintuitive since you are paying for traffic that is headed directly for you. Why pay to advertise to someone who is already looking for you? Bidding on your brand is a way to ensure that you receive all of the traffic that is intended for you. They may begin the search by looking for you but get distracted by the myriad other semi-relevant results that Google provides.

Taking that a step further, other schools can bid on relevant keywords that could result in their ad appearing when someone searches for your school. Bidding on your name also allows you to protect other advertising dollars. If you have billboards or have sent direct mail, it helps to ensure that people who are looking for you after seeing those other marketing methods are actually able to find you.

The benefit to bidding on your own name is that the clicks tend to be extremely cheap. This is due in large part to how high your quality score will be. You can bid on the names of other schools or alternative options in your marketplace. This gives you the opportunity to show up when someone specifically searches for your competitor. However, very few people call or visit a school the moment they hear an ad. Negative keywords are words and phrases that you define in your AdWords campaign as indicators that you do not want to bid.

When your ad shows up for irrelevant searches, this can have an extremely negative impact on your campaign as you spend money on worthless traffic.

Google daycare

Google AdWords allows you to be very precise in terms of defining your geofence; your geofence is the area you target with your paid advertisements. A well thought-out geofence is critical to the success of your AdWords campaign. Consider factors like where your current students live, where their parents work, what their commute paths look like, etc. You can also choose to exclude certain areas if you feel as though they might not yield the most mission-appropriate families.

This means we need to be strategic about how we approach our bidding! It can cost you twice as much to show up in position 1 instead of 2. I recommend playing with your bid strategies in order to find out what works best for you. Remember, there are no more than four ads at the top of each Google search. The reason for this is typically tied to your competitive landscape. The issue that this causes is that they oversaturate the search results, especially in cases where they might not be quite as relevant a solution.

This gives you the opportunity to capture that traffic without having to aggressively bid against your less relevant competitors.

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I could write an entire blog on this topic alone. In fact, someday I might! One of the most important parts of an effective paid ad strategy and one of the easiest to overlook is the creation of your actual advertisement. A lazy mistake that a lot of amateurs make is using the same generic ad copy for all of your search terms.

Montessorians are classically humble people, which is a disadvantage in the world of advertising. Oftentimes, we try to write our ad copy in order to maximize our reach to the broadest possible audience. This can be a mistake, especially if you find yourself getting an influx of inquiries from families who are not mission appropriate.

One example is in the cost of your services. For Montessori schools that are more expensive, it can be beneficial to the campaign to list your pricing directly in the ad. However, I do recommend looking to this as a potential solution if you begin seeing an influx of leads that are not what you would consider of high value. Another important place to potentially prequalify is in the availability of your program.

You might only have openings in your infant program for example. Google AdWords allows for some really cool additions to your ads that can really help you stand out. You do not need to create or fund an ad campaign. You simply need the account to gain access to the free Google Keyword Planner. This tool shows you how much traffic each keyword drives, and suggests similar keywords that may not be on your list. Buying intent keywords drive fast results, so they should be your initial focus. Feature them on your homepage and on separate service pages. However, they are perfect for FAQs and blog posts, which introduce you to prospects who might remember you when they need childcare.

With your finalized keyword list in hand, you can move to optimization.

Use Google AdWords to Advertise Your Daycare (Step-by-Step Guide)

There are 2 places to focus on—your Google My Business page and your website. It gives a quick overview of your company and increases your online presence. Optimize them for your buying intent keywords. The meta description is a brief to characters overview of your main services that ends with a call to action.

Also known as the H1, the visible headline must contain your primary category. Your page copy comes last. It should consist of to tightly edited words that explain your company and core services, and end with a strong call to action. Incorporate your primary keyword as it naturally fits in the copy.

Local, Micro-Targeted Ad Campaign:

Now that the framework of your local SEO campaign is ready, you can build citations and links. Both boost your Google rankings by improving your online reach. Note that some directories accept only paid listings. In this case, take a look at Google Analytics. It makes no sense to pay for a listing that will not drive traffic and conversions.

Customer reviews have a two-fold impact on your local SEO campaign. First, they help to convince prospects to give you a chance. Second, they reassure Google that you have a legitimate business. All reviews are important, but you will get the fastest rankings boost from Google My Business reviews. Why is your quality score important? While it makes sense to have only one or two keywords per ad group for razor-sharp targeting, it can be too much work to manage.

Negative keywords are super critical in managing ad spend, especially when you use a lot of broad keywords.

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While broad keywords give you more impressions and clicks, it also has the potential to give you a lot of irrelevant searches. Another possibility is to send traffic to a dedicated landing page. We tried this with one of our clients who had a special promotion for their new bridal collection. Within the page, we also incorporated the same keywords used for the ads. Getting professionals to create beautiful and user-friendly landing pages can be a great investment.

Also, testing your landing pages is a good way to see what kinds of messages appeal more to your audience. Below is an example of two variations of the same page. Notice how one page emphasizes the urgency to enroll your child into a preschool, while the other explains why their preschool is exceptional? Ad extensions are extremely useful in encouraging your customers to take action and can help your ad take up more real estate on the search page.

Bigger ads are more prominent. Therefore, they are more likely to get clicked. So, start getting familiar with the types of ad extensions, such as call, site-link, callout, location extensions, and more, and use them whenever appropriate for your business. Here is an example of how site-link and call extensions look. See how much more space the ad takes?

Call extension, callout extensions, and site-link extensions.

Google AdWords PreSchool Google AdWords PreSchool
Google AdWords PreSchool Google AdWords PreSchool
Google AdWords PreSchool Google AdWords PreSchool
Google AdWords PreSchool Google AdWords PreSchool
Google AdWords PreSchool Google AdWords PreSchool
Google AdWords PreSchool Google AdWords PreSchool
Google AdWords PreSchool Google AdWords PreSchool

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