For the Love of the Horse, Volume II: Amazing True Stories About the Horses We Love

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Come again anytime! Alex is a musthave workaway person! She is great to have around, good humoured, patient, and flexible, really interesting conversations, full of intriguing facts. We really enjoyed having you to stay with us, Alex, hope your European marathon trip went well! Do come and see us again anytime. I think Marie should have atleast 7 stars!!

She fitted in straight away with a fun-loving, flexible, discreet and positive attitude Thank you Marie for all your help and sorting out meals for me when I was working. Hi Ido, we enjoyed having you here, so organized, and loved learning more about your country, and your great cooking, I wish we had had more time to appreciate it - I was often away at work, so couldn't appreciate you enough!

Left by Workawayer Ido for host. Thankful for my time with Janvier family! They made my first Workaway experience less stressful then I thought that will be. Wonderful time Thank you Jane and your family! I really loved the stay in beautiful Loire-Valley with Jane and her amazing family. We had a nice time painting a room, cooking and playing with the kids, Tom and Anna. They helped us with all our concerns and gave us advices which places are best to visit! We really miss you and would love to come back in the future Here is another 5 star person!!

Franziska came with her friend Pia, they were fantastic and great fun. They painted a whole room, within the tight time limit I set them as well as other jobs, with great initiative and conscientiousness, tidying and cleaning up after themselves. They also so kindly cooked us a feast of German specialities, they … read more were always in good humour, we loved having them here - the time went too quickly.

Come back and visit any time.

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They told … read more us very funny stories and we really appreciated open-minded knowledge, they make me smile when I think of them. Jane, Eric, Tom and Anna are an amazing family. We spent a month working in a gite they rent out to guests and we had an absolutely wonderful experience. The place is right the middle of the French countryside and we could enjoy some peace and quiet as well as some breathtaking scenery. Jane made sure we had everything we needed - from the … read more materials to work with to delicious home-grown tomatoes. We also got to spend some time with the whole family in their house near the farm, and they were extremely kind and welcoming.

Both Jane and Eric have some very interesting stories to share and it was a real pleasure to talk with them and get to know a bit about how they live and everything they've done. We were ashamed not to speak French but Eric was really kind and spoke in English with us. The children are fantastic , too. Left by Workawayer Eliska for host.

Janvier family are really great people! Very nice, friendly, caring and easy to talk with, they always made me feel welcome at their home. My job was mostly to look after kids, or help a little bit around the house, which never felt like work at all! I loved playing with Anna and Tom, I will definitelly miss that! I enjoyed every minute of my … read more stay there and I can only recommend this host! Eliska is exactly as she describes in her profile - PLUS she's modest, patient, discreet, efficient and resourceful -- in fact positively delightful. I'm very fond of Eliska, and admire her approach to life, any future hosts or employers will not be disappointed.

Bonne chance aux Etats Unis! Allon was our first workaway from the Asian continent, it was so interesting for us and the children to hear all about life in Singapore and to hear Allon's experiences and angles on Europe. We really enjoyed his visit, and he was a huge help, cleaning, feeding the horses, taking children to and from sport, playing sport and bicycle rides with the … read more children, he even played basketball in our local team!

Thanks for all your help Allon. There aren't enough stars to describe these people, fantastic in every way. Fun, independent, reliable, flexible, conscientious, great at card games 'n' all. Thank you- you two for all your great work, the holiday house rented well through the summer. Come and see us any time. Left by Workawayer Jessica for host.

I had a lovely two weeks with Jane and her family on the farm. So many lovely memories and so much laughter!! I had a great time playing badminton, basketball and lots of card games with the kids and gite cleaning with Jane - I have learned a host of new vocabulary farm words, food - always important - and lots of sporting terms thanks to the … read more kids translating phrases of the Jeux Olympiques for me. Eric and Jane are both very kind and welcoming, offering to show me the area and inviting me to join in family days out!

Merci a tous. We adored having Jessica with us, good fun, conscientious -she's is such a worker. Full of initiative and at the same time very responsible and reliable. There should be a 5 smiles rating, merci beaucoup pour tout Jessica..

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Please come and visit anytime.. Hello Tanja, I'm sorry I didn't see your comment to respond earlier.. Tanja was a great help to me, and all the family, a good "allrounder " The children adored the card game Libretto to add to the offline entertainments that I so love too! Merci Tanja, and I hope your gymnastics … read more competition went well. Left by Workawayer Tanja for host. I really enjoyed my stay with this family.

I spent about six weeks with them and from the moment I arrived I felt like being a part of the family. My intention was to work abroad while learning French. I asked the family to be only talked to in French to improve my skills. So eventhough Jane, the mother, speaks English to her children, they all … read more very kindly endeavored to communicate with me in French. So I did hear a lot of English but I do not have the impression that this had had a bad effect on my process of learning French.

The children are very lively and full of energy. I really do miss the family. My area of responsibility was more or less in the household. I was to do the cooking, the cleaning, the dishes as well as the washing and due to bad weather only a bit of gardening. The family also has a small house, which they rent out. So helping to keep this house clean was part of my duties as well.

My favourite occupation, however, was to look after the children. During my time off I went to visit some castles nearby. The family was so kind to bring me to the rail station — the train connections are good. We miss Martin. He was huge help and fitted in really easily. He's conscientious and very thoughtful, and turned his hand to anything we asked him to, leaf sweeping, cleaning , looking after the children, feeding animals.. We do hope we'll see you again soon, you're welcome back any time. Left by Workawayer Martin for host.

This was my first time as a Workawayer, and it couldn't have been better! I stayed with Jane, Eric, Tom, Anna and the pets for a month. They made me feel part of the family right away and they were always showing me the local customs while learning some French. They are all bilinguals, and the kids are French-English compound bilinguals so that … read more was very interesting to me.

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I helped them in the house and once with the house they rent to tourist. They are a very welcoming family and I hope I can meet them again in any other time, in Argentina maybe : Kisses for all of you, Martin. We were delighted that the animals and the house were looked after so well by Andy while we were away.

He was a great help pitching in wherever possible during the post Christmas bustle, relaying messages, tidying, meeting and greeting, and Misti the dog loved her daily walks. Hope to see you again, good luck on your next project. Left by Workawayer Andrew for host. I carried out my first workaway with Jane and Eric and their family - what an experience! I house-sat for them while they were away and looked after their pets. When they returned home they made me feel like one of the family and I could not have had a better Christmas and New Year.

Jane, Eric and the children are multi-lingual and such a fun, … read more relaxed and sociable family that it was difficult to leave - communication was never a problem. I was introduced to many of their friends and Jane's cooking is something to behold - I shared mealtimes with the family and special occasion dining too.

I enjoyed chatting to Eric about past experiences and the children were great fun. The area around their home is divine and the pets absolutely no bother to look after. I wouldn't hesitate to return to the Loire Valley and workaway here again and if you get the opportunity grab it and you will not be disappointed. Thank you to the Janvier's for treating me so well and I hope you got as much from this as I did. Yurena came to stay with us on her own, she was great! We met Charles, and he's charming too.

Yarn is very capable, both responsible and conscientious, and she helped with all sorts of different chores: from cleaning and gardening to fencing, child care, and dung clearing.. You're welcome to come and stay any time Yurena, good luck in your … read more translations. Livia and Angel are brilliant people!! Very hard working and consciencious, great cooks and very responsible, they even looked after our house and animals enabling us a quick getaway.

We loved Angel's piano playing, and Livia's great Swiss delicacies.. Come back soon! Our stay at Jane's house was more than excellent. They are a very kind family and the children are adorable.

Jane is very welcoming and we quickly felt at home. The work we did was varied and we also had free time for us. In the evening it was always interesting to talk to Jane and Eric, and we miss playing with the kids a lot! It's a pity that we … read more only could stay for a short time, we would love to come back! Thank you for everything Jane! Left by Workawayer Matt for host. This family were amazing. Very welcoming and hospitable.

They put a lot of effort in to helping me learn French and also took me to some of the nearby towns and cities. Definitely recommended. Matt stayed with us for nearly a month, he was not only great company, but discrete, helpful, humorous, and easy to have around. He was a great help in the house and kitchen washing up, folding, tidying, cleaning, gardening, planting, cleaning the b and b, as well as totally honest and responsible. All the best, come back any time, Matt -- keep … read more us updated on your travels!!

It was lovely to have you with us Nienke, we miss you!

Nienke was a huge help to us, having another responsable adult around is always appreciated when you have children, and she also did some great leave sweeping, painting, and general cleaning up.. Do come and see us again, some time, thanks for all your help and good luck in the future, Nienke. Left by Workawayer Nienke for host. This was my first experience with workaway and it was so nice!

I stayed with this family of four for the month of October. They are very welcoming, friendly, polite… I really felt at home. The kids are also just so lovely! Ok sometimes they can be a little bad or have a little fight with each other, but that was really manageable and they can also … read more be really sweet. In the 4 weeks that I was there they really grew on me I was there in the holidays 2 weeks so was able to spend a lot of time with them. One little thing might be that I do feel like I spoke too much English during my stay there. But I could practice my French that was my main reason for going to France with Eric in the evenings and we did speak French at dinner very often.

Although I do feel like I improved on my French, it might have been more if you speak it all day long I feel like Jane and Eric, but I spoke a little less with him knows a lot about I lot, so the conversations were always very interesting, in English or in French :. Jane, Eric, Anna and Tom, thank you so much for this lovely experience! Left by Workawayer Josh for host.

He could also envision his family living on the ranch property inside the beautiful 4, square foot lodge. The staff and volunteers at Hope Reins are thankful, too. I dedicated 20 years of my professional and personal life to nonprofit organizations serving communities and changing lives for the better. As luck would have it — both colleges had equestrian programs and worked with equine therapy as a major.

I now recognize God was winking at me! Being able to formulate a logical and compelling invitation to a prospective funder on behalf of our kids and horses is such a privilege! On a personal note, I live in Wakefield with my husband and son, John, and our two senior rescues, Henry and Louie. We love to take long walks together and are always looking for a new senior fur-baby to join our family. My position at Hope Reins is such a gift because I have the privilege of sharing the mission and story of an organization that gives so much to so many.

I felt an overwhelming sense of peace that only comes from the Holy Spirit the very first time I stepped foot on the ranch.

The Horse of My Heart: Stories of the Horses We Love

Ever since I was a child, I see God most outside in His creation. God always used the companionship of my horse or my enjoyment of working in the pasture to minister to my heart and encourage me. I yearn to help others — especially kids facing pain and trauma — discover the same thing through Jesus, animals and the outdoors.

It brings joy to my heart to see all that God has done and is doing here at the ranch. I could not be more excited to be a part of the team! I am here to make a difference in the lives of those who come in the name of healing. My background in law, project management, and volunteerism provide the perfect foundation for being the Volunteer Manager at Hope Reins.

I provide guidance that helps volunteers navigate their path to finding the role that pairs their unique gifts in a way that best serves our client needs. It is through relationship development that I act as a strong point of contact throughout their time here. At the time, I did not know what God meant by that word, but in the following weeks, as I prayed for His clarity, I knew there was no other place I would rather invest my time and passion. God knew I could tell the story of a life that had been fully restored in Christ — mine! While in high school, I founded and managed a riding program for a coed summer camp in Wake Forest, NC, teaching riding lessons for ten years!

Anyone and everyone are invited to take this first step in discovering more about our beautiful ranch, how our kids and horses rescue each other and the inspiring stories of restoration. I am the mom of two amazing children, who both have a passion for life and the Lord! We moved back to the Raleigh area in , after I met, then married my best friend, Scott, a godly man who has brought such joy and healing to the three of us — and helped me see how only God can heal the deepest pain and loss. Besides God and my family, there is nothing I am more passionate about than horses — and sharing the nurturing, healing relationship that these majestic creatures were created to inspire.

Hope Reins is a place of refuge, hope, healing and community. I have personally experienced all of these, first as a volunteer and now as a staff member. The first time I visited the ranch I sensed the presence of God. Since then I have seen His grace in the lives of so many here. There is a genuine, welcoming community at Hope Reins, and while it exists to serve hurting families, it is not just for them. I thought I was coming to Hope Reins to help use horses to bring hope and healing to kids, but I have found those things here myself.

My passions were caring for patients and teaching residents and medical students. However, just at the Lord called me into medicine, He called me out of it. My second career was to raise and home-educate our five children. I loved pouring myself into their lives, activities, schooling, and dreams. As the years went by and the nest began to empty, I knew God was going to call me into ministry. However, He did the unexpected again: He brought horses back into my life. I grew up with horses but when my horse was sold as I left for college, I never dreamed I would have horses again.

Finally, in , God, Who never wastes anything and knows the end from the beginning, led me to a place where I could combine medicine for horses , teaching, administration, ministry and horses—Hope Reins! As Equine Assistant, my job is everything horses. I attend veterinary and farrier visits for our herd, feed on a feed team myself, and offer whatever help I can from my medical and equestrian background.

In all we do for our horses, our goal is that they will be happy, healthy, secure, and ready to connect with hurting kids who need them. I have been married to my physician-researcher-professor husband, David, for 30 years and counting. When I am not at Hope Reins you can usually find me at the barn with Merlin and Kody, riding cross-country or just hanging out. Allin Foulkrod and Creative Visions have been dedicated partners of Hope Reins since our inception in When you have an important message to deliver to a live audience, you need to have the best working for you —you need Creative Visions.

The Indie Image captures the essence of Hope Reins through the lens of a camera. Rebecca Mill, owner, is able to tell a thousand word story with her beautiful photography. All of the beautiful images on our website, in our newsletter and other printed collateral. She also volunteers with us as a session leader!

XU Catering gets rave reviews every year at our annual Mane Event fundraiser in the fall. Everyone wants to know who our caterer is! Kenton Jenkins turns everything into an eye appealing and gastronomique fine dining experience. Amazingly gifted and highly skilled! Would you consider becoming a monthly horse sponsor, making a one-time donation, or joining our mailing list and donating your time toward our ministry helping hurting kids find true hope and real healing?

Meet the Team. Learn more about the team the LORD has brought together. Meet the Team thebardcompany T Barbara Foulkrod Vice President. Jennifer Shepard Director of Operations. Elizabeth Love Kennon Equine Manager. Micah Sedillos Client Services Manager. But when Jesus tugs on your compass and places road markers along your path, you listen! Anna Myers Program Staff Manager. Brandon Wert Ranch Manager.

DK Readers L4: Horse Heroes : True Stories of Amazing Horses -

Mary Kramer Director of Development. Sarah Newby Hope Reins Fellow. Rashida M.

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Mack Volunteer Manager. Mary Lee Lobach Equine Assistant. Special Friends. Learn More.

For the Love of the Horse, Volume II: Amazing True Stories About the Horses We Love For the Love of the Horse, Volume II: Amazing True Stories About the Horses We Love
For the Love of the Horse, Volume II: Amazing True Stories About the Horses We Love For the Love of the Horse, Volume II: Amazing True Stories About the Horses We Love
For the Love of the Horse, Volume II: Amazing True Stories About the Horses We Love For the Love of the Horse, Volume II: Amazing True Stories About the Horses We Love
For the Love of the Horse, Volume II: Amazing True Stories About the Horses We Love For the Love of the Horse, Volume II: Amazing True Stories About the Horses We Love
For the Love of the Horse, Volume II: Amazing True Stories About the Horses We Love For the Love of the Horse, Volume II: Amazing True Stories About the Horses We Love

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