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They are the center of personality, reasoning, and abstract thought. Experiments like these illuminate the aggressive participation of our emotion-driven animal brains in all kinds of decision making. In the ultimatum game, it certainly looks as if our dog brains sometimes hijack our higher cognitive functions to drive bad or, at least, illogical decisions.

But, as we shall see, our animal brains play an important part in rational decision making as well. The last thing one would want would be the intrusion of emotions in the methodical process of decision making. To obtain the best results, emotions must be kept out. Elliot had been an exemplary husband, father, and businessman. But he began to suffer from severe headaches and lose track of work responsibilities. Soon, his doctors discovered an orange-sized brain tumor that was pushing into his frontal lobes, and they carefully removed it, along with some damaged brain tissue.

Drive: Driven by Desire

Should he organize the papers he was working on by date? The size of the document? Relevance to the case?

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In effect, he was doing the organizational task too well, considering every possible option—but at the expense of achieving the larger goal. He could no longer effectively reach decisions, particularly personal and social ones, and despite being repeatedly shown this flaw, he could not correct it. But when Elliot was tested for emotional responses, the true nature of his deficit emerged. After viewing emotionally charged images—pictures of injured people and burning houses—Elliot revealed that things that had once evoked strong emotions no longer stirred him.

He felt nothing. And researchers have found that patients with injuries to parts of the limbic system, an ancient group of brain structures important in generating emotions, also struggle with making decisions.

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Call it gut. Or hunch. Malcolm Gladwell offers an account of this game in his best seller Blink. In the game, players picked cards from red and blue decks, winning and losing play money with each pick. The players were hooked up to lie-detector-like devices that measure skin conductance response, or CSR, which climbs as your stress increases and your palms sweat.

But just ten cards into the game, their palms begin sweating when they reach for the red decks. Long before they have a hunch about the red deck, a subconscious prehunch warns them away from it. Much of the traffic between the primitive and modern parts of our brains is devoted to the conscious calculation of risks and rewards. Though the brain-damaged patients eventually figured out that the red decks were rigged against them, they never developed palm-dampening CSRs.

And, even though they consciously knew better, they continued to pick red cards. What were they missing? The injured parts of their brains in the prefrontal cortex seemed unable to process the emotional signals that guide decision making. Without this emotion interpreter pushing them in the right direction toward the winning decks , these patients were left spinning their wheels, unable to act on what they knew. You could say they lacked good judgment. Just ask any parent. From the toddler climbing the shelves to get candy to the teenager sneaking off for unprotected sex, kids have a dangerous shortage of common sense.

This is where the neuroscientists can offer special insight. Until then, the neuronal wiring that connects the prefrontal cortex to the rest of the brain is still under construction. Meanwhile, the parts of the brain that incite impulsive behavior seem particularly primed in teenagers. In a sense, teenagers have yet to complete the wiring that manifests as willpower.

The prefrontal cortex, it appears, is the seat of willpower—the ability to take the long-term perspective in evaluating risks and rewards. As such, this area of the brain is in close contact with the structures and circuits of the emotional animal brain that seek gratification and alert us to danger. Much of the traffic between the primitive and modern parts of our brains is devoted to this conscious calculation of risks and rewards. And we can get immediate pleasure from the prospect of some future gratification. Jean-Paul Sartre was a famous womanizer, but for him the excitement was in the chase.

A s you read through the list of these shared human motives, take the time to mindfully reflect on your own heartfelt desires. The underlying motivation behind a strong desire for acceptance is as simple as desiring approval.

This concept of acceptance extends beyond feeling accepted by family, friends, or coworkers… another important component of acceptance involves self-acceptance. With acceptance, the resulting intrinsic feeling is self-confidence and deep-seated trust in our own intuition, emotions, and capacity to reason. The desire of curiosity represents a hunger for knowledge , followed by an intrinsic feeling of wonder or awe.

For some people, this motivation to acquire knowledge may take the form of learning more about subjects that inspire passion, including a deep curiosity to understand oneself, others, and the world. Curiosity is also a component of developing a mindful attitude toward connecting with the present moment , which is also accompanied by an intrinsic sense of wonder and awe.

The desire to consume sustenance in the form of food is driven simply by motivation to eat. This desire appears quite straightforward and is accompanied by an intrinsic feeling of satiation , or avoidance of hunger. For animals, this desire can manifest itself differently than in humans, in the sense that while we are both driven to eat in order to sustain life and avoid the pain of hunger, humans have the capacity to shut off or deny this survival-based motivation to eat due to emotional distress, body image concerns , and a wealth of other interpersonal and intrapersonal processes.

The motivation behind a drive toward family is considered to be driven by a desire to raise children , and is connected with an intrinsic feeling of love. The intrinsic feeling is loyalty and a sense that one has acted in ways that meet with the approval, behavioral expectations, or values of the group to which the individual wishes to belong. In animals, this drive may be displayed by defending the pack from predators or returning back to the pack i.

From a Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT perspective, the adaptive function of shame is to realign our behaviors to be in accordance with the group from which we desire a sense of belonging — that is, a person with a strong motivational drive to display honor may be particularly sensitive and responsive to the emotional impact of an emotion such as shame. This drive is thought to spring from a foundational desire for altruism or social justice. Along with these behaviors comes an intrinsic feeling of compassion.

Again, this is a desire that we all have — it is simply expressed in varying degrees and with various behaviors, depending upon the individual. Some people may express a desire to be self-reliant by learning various skills or information that allow them to rely less on assistance from others and feel a greater sense of self-efficacy. Others may express the desire for autonomy by seeking support from within themselves, rather than from others.

However the desire is expressed, the accompanying intrinsic feeling is that of freedom. It is dependent upon the individual what that sense of freedom means to them personally, although it may be understood through behavioral observations of how one lives, directs, and organizes his or her life.

The heroine was not weak and had sass out of this world. The Hero was uber possessive and controlling. Can't wait for the rest in the series. Riley and Solomon Sizzle Riley and Solomon are a perfect dose of strong wills clashing against a backdrop of underground racing and criminal dealings. Riley is a strong, independent heroine who will not be claimed but Solomon always knows how to get what he wants.

If i could give it no stars I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Not my kind of book. And unless you're into rape fantasies, it won't be yours either. Jul 14, Tt rated it it was amazing. The banter in this book was so good. Riley is a criminal which was a nice touch to the story. She is relentless in his pursuit and her willfulness is foreplay to him. This author just does it for me with her depictions of characters and her unique twist to what drives her female MCs. It love the action, the pace of the story and the chemistry of the characters.

I really l 5 Stars I love a sassy independent h with a smart mouth! I really love the jealous, possessiveness of her heroes and this book had it all! Not much angst but definitely a lot of action.

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Loved it! I loved this read!! I absolutely loved this book!! If u have read and liked Glazov by Suzanne Steele you will love this book. Completely over the top alpha male, hot as hell sex and of course just enough violence and tragedy but not too much to make u bawl your eyes out. Definitely recommend for those u who like the controlling, possessive, jealous alpha and the headstrong females the become obsessed with.

This is my honest review of an ARC I received. I just don't know where to start with this review. It was absolutely perfect, gripping and intriguing from the start. Soloman turned me inside out. Riley was Soloman's weakness. Riley made him really work for his love with her sass and plans and running away. Fabulous characters you could feel the explosion of emotion between these two. This is the first book I have read of this brilliant, fantastic author. What a ride I had reading it. I certainly would highly recommend this dark romance to all readers.

My favourite genre. To end this review this book was the best read for me for years. It was really well written by a very talented author. Oct 07, Samantha rated it liked it Shelves: hot-alphas , twisted-wtf. There were times where I thought I was starting to like him then he would just do something and I was like nope He was OTT alpha possessive which I love usually. He may be crazy but he plans to win her over. With Solomon it just felt empty at first like he could give a shit if she liked him or not.

The One Thing I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Creating Characters

But, I will say by the end I loved him. He took such good care of her when she needed it and was so patient and gave her exactly what she needed after something horrific happened. So if you love OTT alpha, jealous, possessive, possibly psycho men then this may be the story for you Oct 02, Natalia rated it liked it. Would like a better epilogue Nov 26, Jane B rated it it was amazing. Solomon and riley! This was so freaking cute! I swear..

Ruthless but calm, Solomon stays cool and collected but it always commanding which fits his role properly although he definitely lets riley off way too many times which seemed a tad bit out of the personality trait. But the way riley is.. I adore her headstrong self. Reckless and ditsy the way she is so unaware at times but very true to her character.

Katie and roman we Solomon and riley! Katie and roman were great side characters for the two andt eh excerpt showing the start of her own story was suspenseful! Shank and cilia! Unknown characters until they leave you a very lasting impression when you least expect it.

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  7. Oh man.. I actually really like this guy. That crazy stupid messed up buffoon. Great characters. Love the plots and the back and forth between the main two. It was adorably sweet while keeping that violent suspenseful edge for the mafia aspect. Very enjoyable to read Oct 12, Mandy rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary , dual-pov , hea , standalone-part-of-series , steamy , multiple-pov , jealous-possessive , adult-fiction , violence , butt-play.

    The problem being that although this book was darned good, I did not enjoy the way it jumped from one pov to the next, especially within the same paragraph. Other than that, the plot was good with few grammatical errors. Riley, aka Reaper, has two main loves in her life, cars and racing. It is because of these loves that she makes her first mistake by attracting the attention of mafia kingpin, Solomon. Solomon is on the lookout for his stolen car and knows about the chop shop Riley runs but when he sees her for the first time, he immediately forgets everything else but for the fact that he wants her, and what he wants he gets.

    Riley's second mistake, and you could say her most costly, is asking Shank a psychopath and someone else she has stolen a car from in her past for help. But I am not going to say more than that and you need to read this book to know what happens. Neanderthal alert!!! Soloman does not take no for an answer while pursuing Riley. Soloman comes to her looking for his car but is under the impression that she is a man. Sparks ensue and Soloman wants Riley. Riley doesn't want to be Soloman's so she fights. She wants him but doesn't want to belong to him. Soloman will take nothing less.

    As Riley continues to push her luck she brings a man she knows is bad news for the fi Neanderthal alert!!! As Riley continues to push her luck she brings a man she knows is bad news for the fight and this begins to complicate everything even more. As Soloman slowly begins to win her over she's still reluctant to be with him because she's not going to be his property. Soloman doesn't know any other way and Riley has him doing things he's never done. He's a ruthless killer and Riley is changing him. She's able to get him to do things he never thought he would because he never cared to. As Riley's plan to make him go away goes haywire and now she's fighting for her life, Soloman will do whatever it takes to bring her back to him.

    She's finally his and there's no turning back! Thir chemistry is explosive even when she's fighting it and Riley's spunk and fierce determination make this a great book! Feb 02, Veevee rated it it was ok. So this is the story of a gangster kingpin and a sexy mechanic, and it was Now don't get me wrong, I really like domineering sexy assholes, when they are done right. Solomon was not done right, he was a creep and a chauvinistic asshole. He relentless stalks Riley, spanks her for not immediately falling for him, and when she finally gives in he expects her to sit at home locked in his bedroom no less, I kid you not he did not even want her wandering around his ho So this is the story of a gangster kingpin and a sexy mechanic, and it was He relentless stalks Riley, spanks her for not immediately falling for him, and when she finally gives in he expects her to sit at home locked in his bedroom no less, I kid you not he did not even want her wandering around his house and not even because he was hiding something Riley herself was not half bad, I enjoyed her race car driving, lock picking and car fixing skills, those were rad.

    But ugh, Solomon, no thanks. I read a tiny excerpt of the next book in the series, and it looks like the main man will be equally as horrible so I am officially going to wash my hands of this mess, no more I say, no more for me!

    Drive - Driven by Desire Drive - Driven by Desire
    Drive - Driven by Desire Drive - Driven by Desire
    Drive - Driven by Desire Drive - Driven by Desire
    Drive - Driven by Desire Drive - Driven by Desire
    Drive - Driven by Desire Drive - Driven by Desire
    Drive - Driven by Desire Drive - Driven by Desire
    Drive - Driven by Desire Drive - Driven by Desire

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