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And love—love again— like a night siren, passes.

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Why go into detail? America is about finding something to worship. While the contexts out of which we write could not be more dissimilar, I encounter a brother spirit in his work—one that, like mine, is concerned with place in broad, abiding, uncompromising ways. In a train somewhere love stalls. Why I asked, if I asked, to be here—I forgot. While discussing American Boys with other poets through correspondence and online discussions, I discovered that some potential controversy surrounds this book—in part because its straightforward, minimalist approach to poetics is in some circles deemed lazy, or not conceptually charged enough, or lacking precise aesthetic intent.

Even if this is a seemingly obvious pronouncement to make, it also strikes me as true. Negative capability reaches out to us for a buck again and again on the broad, accessible streets of American Boys. Is it honest? Will I find truth in it, Camerado?

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If so, how can I not read it? She travels frequently into the Cascade Mountains. January 20, November 18, October 21, She has published ten poetry collections and two books of prose. Her poems appear in chapbooks, literary journals, and anthologies, and have been read on local and National Public Radio. Peter Hospital in Olympia. At 92 she continues to be active in the Olympia poetry community.

Amelia Martens on The Spoons in the Grass are There to Dig a Moat

September 16, Saul Weisberg is a poet, naturalist, educator and executive director of the North Cascades Institute. Saul has worked throughout the Northwest as a wilderness climbing ranger, field biologist, commercial fisherman and fire lookout. He lives with his wife Shelly in Bellingham, Washington. July 22, Nancy Pagh is a poet, performer, and educator living in Bellingham, WA. June 17, May 20, Gary Copeland Lilley is a North Carolina poet currently living, writing, and playing music in the northwest peninsula of Washington.

His publications include three collections, the most recent being High Water Everywhere from Willow Books. He has driven every mile of Highway March 21, Orca Books. World Poetry Day. Tim Kelly has been a resident of Olympia for 35 years. He is married with two grown sons. March 18, Liz St Louis was born and educated in London, England. She was a family medicine doctor for several decades and is now a part time medical consultant. She has been writing poetry since her teens, but only "came out of the poetry closet" in Liz has published three chapbooks.

Cloud Shadows, Poems from the Sargasso, and Luminaria. February 18, Terry Martin earned a B. Professor of the Year Award. Her poems, essays, and articles have appeared in hundreds of publications and she has edited books, journals and anthologies. Her second book, The Secret Language of Women, was published in She lives with her family in Yakima, Washington. January 21, Response has been robust, so the evening will be extended to PM.

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For this evening only, our traditional open mike will be suspended to give all progenitors, historical board members and special benefactors a turn at the mike. Oh, and there will be cake! November 19, Holly J. Hughes has taught writing at Edmonds Community College for more than 25 years as well as at regional conferences and workshops.

St. Ann Street Visiting Writers Series – Brescia University

She has also spent over thirty summers working on the water in Alaska in a variety of roles, including commercial fishing for salmon, skippering a foot schooner, and more recently, working as a naturalist on ships. October 15, Merridawn Duckler has published widely in fiction, nonfiction and poetry. She does text-based installation at Blackfish Gallery in Portland where she hand wrote a Walter Benjamin essay on a ten foot wall with an alcove for a selfie.

September 17, Linda has published over poems in various journals including Amherst Review, the Seattle Review, and Northwest Review.

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  4. She lives in Normandy Park where she is currently co-edits the on-line poetry journal, Switched-on Gutenberg. She is working on a book manuscript loosely titled The Museum of Everything.

    July 23, June 18, Joanne M. After caring for your mother through a long illness, she re-careered as a Registered Nurse specializing in Hospice and Community Nursing. Many of her poems honor her patients and their caregivers. May 21, Robert Michael Pyle writes essay, poetry, and fiction from an old Swedish farmstead along a tributary of the Lower Columbia River in southwestern Washington. His eighteen books include Wintergreen and The Tangled Bank.

    Evolution of the Genus Iris is his first full-length book of poems. March 19, February 19, Risa Denenberg is an aging hippie poet currently living on the Olympic Peninsula in Sequim, Washington. She earns her keep as a nurse practitioner and has worked for many years in end-of-life care. She is a moderator at The Gazebo, an online poetry board and reviews poetry for the American Journal of Nursing.

    Along with Mary Meriam, she is a mistress at Headmistress Press, dedicated to publishing fine lesbian poetry. Her poems have been published online and in journals over the past 30 years. January 15, His poems and essays have appeared in many journals and anthologies, and his poems have been read more than a dozen times by Garrison Keillor on "The Writer's Almanac.

    September 18, Poet and poetry advocate J. Founder of PoetsWest, the on-line gateway to information about poets and poetry in the Northwest, Evans sponsors public poetry readings and hosts a radio show. Former stockbroker-investment banker, Evans is a native of Oklahoma, part Cherokee and has lived in Seattle since August 21, Jeanne Lohmann has long suggested that OPN members might be interested in peeking into the workings of a critique group to see how those interactions can be helpful to poets. They will be featuring 'list poems' and talking about how the group functions.

    Open mike will be coordinated with this theme. So members who have a 'list poem' -- see the OPN Newsletter for an explanation -- will be given first opportunity at the open mike. Note that in a reversal of normal protocol, open mike will follow, rather than precede the main presentation.

    June 19, During her tenure as Tacoma Poet Laureate, Jose Emmons Turner worked to promote poetry through the community, support the work of young poets and taught numerous workshops. A chapbook printed by Springtide Press will be released this fall.

    Clatter (Floating Wolf Quarterly Chapbooks) Clatter (Floating Wolf Quarterly Chapbooks)
    Clatter (Floating Wolf Quarterly Chapbooks) Clatter (Floating Wolf Quarterly Chapbooks)
    Clatter (Floating Wolf Quarterly Chapbooks) Clatter (Floating Wolf Quarterly Chapbooks)
    Clatter (Floating Wolf Quarterly Chapbooks) Clatter (Floating Wolf Quarterly Chapbooks)
    Clatter (Floating Wolf Quarterly Chapbooks) Clatter (Floating Wolf Quarterly Chapbooks)
    Clatter (Floating Wolf Quarterly Chapbooks) Clatter (Floating Wolf Quarterly Chapbooks)
    Clatter (Floating Wolf Quarterly Chapbooks) Clatter (Floating Wolf Quarterly Chapbooks)
    Clatter (Floating Wolf Quarterly Chapbooks) Clatter (Floating Wolf Quarterly Chapbooks)

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