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Notwithstanding the transitional measures provided for in ADR , which allow compliance with certain requirements contained in previous editions, the editions of ADR published by the United Nations which may be used for compliance are as follows:. Opportunities Vacancies Internship Programme. Resources Statistical Database Evaluations. Annex A: General provisions and provisions concerning dangerous articles and substances.

Jurisdiction Project

Appendix XII. Capital Account Current. Appendix XIII. Final Revenue Account Current. Appendix XIV. Final Capital Account Current. Sub-Register of Accounts Current. Sub-Register of Schedules. Appendix XV. Statement of Approximate Railway Receipts and Disbursements. Statement showing the credits in the Net expenditure shown in the Approximate Account current. Transfer Certificate. Register of Transfers.

Annual List of Transfers. Advice of Clearance. Memo of Clearance. Schedule of Remittance Transactions. Register of Advices issued to the Bank. Register of Advices received from other Accounts Officers. Advice of Transactions with Pay and Accounts Officers. Inward Claims Register. Outward Claims Register. Schedule of Transactions adjustable with Bangladesh Railways. Half Yearly review of Suspense Balances. Capital and Revenue Accounts-Statement No. Finance Accounts-Abstract Accounts. Finance Accounts-Schedule A.

Finance Accounts—Schedule B. Finance AccountsSchedule C. Finance Accounts—Schedule D. Finance Accounts—Schedule E. Finance Accounts—Schedule F. Finance Accounts—Schedule G. Finance Accounts—Schedule H.

Finance Accounts—Schedule J. Finance Accounts—Schedule K. Finance Accounts-Appendix A. Finance Accounts—Appendix B. Analysis of Balances under Debit Heads. Register of Recoveries Foregone. Disallowances List. Objection Statement.

Objection book. Savings Register. Register of Serious Irregularities.

Stormwater Management Program

Half Yearly Objectionable Items Statement. Provident Fund Journal. Provident Fund Ledger Accouknt. Provident Fund Check Sheet. Register of Debits and Credits to S. Register of Unposted Items. An Ordinance for the better raising and levying of Mariners, Sailors and others for the present guarding of the Seas, etc. Ordinance for raising Forces and Money in the County of Wilts.

An Ordinance for the Earl of Warwick to command the Fleet. Ordinance for assessing divers persons in London according to the Ordinance of 29 November. An Ordinance for securing Hampshire by raising men and money. Ordinance for seizing the effects of persons in Nottingham who have been in arms against the Parliament. Ordinance for a public confession to be used at the Fast. Ordinance for sequestering the profits of St. Ordinance for rating sea coal. Ordinance for Mr. Ordinance for raising money for the maintenance of the Army by a Weekly Assessment.

Order for Relief of Maimed Soldiers and their Families.

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Order for intrenching and fortifying the City of London. Ordinance for allowing one third part of Prize goods to the Captors. Ordinance for raising money for the defence of Exeter. Ordinance for sequestering notorious Delinquents' Estates. Ordinance for raising money weekly in Hertfordshire. Ordinance to provide Mariners for supplying the Navy. Ordinance for raising money in the Isle of Wight.

Ordinance for associating the Counties of Warwick, Stafford and Salop. Ordinance for the Explanation of the Weekly Assessment in London. An Ordinance giving power to the Committee for the Militia of London to raise regiments of Volunteers. An Ordinance giving power to the Mayor of Plymouth to seize corn. An Ordinance assessing persons in Yarmouth for the defence of the town. An Ordinance for Collections to be made for relief of Captives in Algiers. An Order, engaging the public faith, to secure repayment of money, etc.

Order for sequestering the estates of Delinquents in Devon. Order for Sir Walter Earle to command the militia in Dorset. Order for the indemnity of the inhabitants of Barnstaple, for fortifying their town.


Order for preventing disorderly assemblies in Dorset, Somerset, Wilts, etc. Order to depute two Persons in every county to see the Ordinance for the weekly Assessment put into Execution. Order for Garrisons in Hampshire to be paid out of the King's revenues in that County.

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Order for burning the Book of Sports. Order for the repayment of monies lent by the City of London. Order explaining Ordinance of 28 November, , concerning the assessment. An Ordinance for the speedy raising and levying of money throughout the whole of England and dominion of Wales: members of both Houses excepted.

Order to redress the Abuses in taking Horses for supply of the Army.

Ordinance following Commission granted by the Earl of Essex to Colonel James Mauleverer to levy and raise a regiment of harquebussers, pledging public faith for repayment of monies, etc. Ordinance for the sequestration of the jurisdiction of William, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. Ordinance amending that of 30 January, —3 for the contribution for the relief of Ireland, authorizing Commissioners to receive the money. Ordinance exempting estates of Earl of St.

United Nations Board of Auditors

Ordinance amending Ordinance of 7 May for the raising and levying of money by allowing sums raised in the Eastern Association to be applied to the maintenance of the army of the Association. Ordinance authorising Colonel Walter Long to take and collect such moneys as have been formerly by him and others assessed and as yet unpaid, in Essex, Hertford, and Bedford, by a Commission from the Earl of Essex. Further Ordinance for seizing horses for the use of the Army, amending that of 10 May.

Order empowering the Committee at Haberdashers' Hall to cess estates in London and twenty miles round that have not paid their due proportion of assessment under the Ordinance of the Twentieth part. Ordinance for the prevention of the smuggling of prohibited goods. Ordinance for the peace of the County of Kent, and for enabling them to associate with the City of London or any other Counties adjacent [L. Further Ordinance against removing the term to Oxford cf. Further Ordinance for the speedy raising of money, appointing members of new Committees.

Ordinance for raising forces for the reduction of Newcastle, with Propositions accepted by both Houses.

15 Under 5 Vol.I 15 Under 5 Vol.I
15 Under 5 Vol.I 15 Under 5 Vol.I
15 Under 5 Vol.I 15 Under 5 Vol.I
15 Under 5 Vol.I 15 Under 5 Vol.I
15 Under 5 Vol.I 15 Under 5 Vol.I
15 Under 5 Vol.I 15 Under 5 Vol.I
15 Under 5 Vol.I 15 Under 5 Vol.I

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